Oh wow. This is the real story.

Please re-blog this if you see it. I HATE that there is slander going around and people are trying to ruin someone’s reputation just because they are jealous. Lets make this right, homestucks!!

OK apparently the summoner guy from acen, Jesse, was going on dates with this Allie chick. He then met someone else and didnt like Allie anymore and told her they should stop dating, and he started dating a new girl named Gen. Allie got mad and called him a rapist and all this shit. I KNEW it was a crazy ex. hahaha. 

Listen here, Allie.

People can “date” as many people as they want. Unless you both sit down and agree to be in a relationship and set your boundaries, then you aren’t committed to one another. Jesse ended up falling for Gen. Get over it. Stop spreading stuff just because you are mad. It is ruining his reputation, which is slander. I would stop before you get in trouble and correct your mistakes. You can’t ruin someones reputation just because you are jealous. Jesse isn’t dangerous, and he has the right to be with whoever he wants. Get over it.

This was the original post of slander. Assume the best in people unless you can find out first hand. Don’t believe stuff from anyone unless it is the police or news or something saying someone is dangerous.

EDIT: I am not saying what I am saying is true or not, its just info I found out after I looked into the situation. I believe everyone should be careful and not be alone with someone they just met. I just don’t think its right to target this guy if you don’t know anything about him. 

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    Oh, good. I’m glad to hear this guys isn’t a crazy womanizing rapist. He seemed really cool.
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    Always good to have both sides. And once again, sorry for being one of the people who reblogged the slander in the first...
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    Everyone please read and reblog this. This is a really terrible situation, and you should be aware of the truth.
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    Okay wow, you do NOT know the real story then. She never called him a rapist. They were never in a relationship...
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    I appologize to anyone that got wrapped up in this.
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    …wellp. The truth were out. And I was in the wrong with my initial reblog. And for that, I apologize.
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    I’m going to remain skeptical (as in, I’m not going to assume that this is true blind, as I did not with the original...
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    signal boostin’ this is what I was talking about in that last post spread the word, people
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    Aaaahhh, thank you so much!!
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    (sighs what is even going on sob this is why i hate the internet sometimes)
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    I love you people. So very much.
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